From Scribbles to Pictures

Drawing progresses from scribble to first representational forms and later on to more realistic drawings. Around the age of 3 children make a gesture with a crayon and they decide to label it, few 3 year-olds spontaneously draw so that other can tell what their picture represents. When adults draw with children and point out the resemblance between the drawing and the objects, preschooler’s drawings become more comprehensive and detailed (Braswell and Callanan, 2003).

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.”
Paul Klee

 In the class, everything starts with the joy of making marks and lines. Slowly the lines become a story.

Language is our most effective means of mental representation. For children the first dot reaches the line, the line becomes a shape and the shape is the language children use to represent their ideas. The lines do not stay on the paper. The lines move, jump, talk, have colors and feelings. Without asking the child about the image (s)he created, the meaning and the soul of the drawing remain unspoken.

-Written by Illeana

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