B&A Testimonials

Sunflower’ s Before and After School care program holds all the good values that Sunflower Preschool has. When we first immigrated to Canada from Europe, our daughter was only 4 years old and couldn’t speak a word of English. Sunflower preschool took her in with its own special, kind, imaginative and fun way and made both her and us feel relaxed and at home. Now that she’s grown up, she is very fortunate to be able to have a similar experience through the before and after school care program.
For our family, Sunflower represents a very safe and extremely tastefully designed
environment where kids are encouraged to be creative (we really LOVE the art
exhibitions) and they are able to freely express themselves through putting up various
performances on the cute stage. It is a place where kids can get plenty of exercise even if
it rains, by always having access to the gym and all the fun sports gear, and at the same
time get plenty of fresh air by exploring the very mysterious, secret and private little
garden! On top of that, reading books is always encouraged and music has a strong
presence in the program through the weekly music sessions with Kerri and of course by
allowing kids full access of the very stylish old piano. Most importantly of all, our
daughter is really fond of the adorable staff and every day, when we drop her off, she
eagerly leaves us and runs to the center’s door…. that is a pretty good indication that she
loves the place, right?! Sunflower is a very Safe, Stimulating and Free Environment
that cultivates the minds, hearts, souls and bodies of our amazing kids! Thank you for your excellent work and this lovely contribution to our most beloved neighborhood!
Kelly Livanou
Pemberton Heights, BC

Wow! Did we ever luck out in having Saje with you, Sue and Eli, these past few weeks. Sunflower is a truly special place thanks to you guys. I love the programming as it allows creative and independent decision making but it’s the little things that make it even more special. Every child gets a good morning or good bye that includes eye contact. You guys are never too busy to make a child feel special. Their parents either. ha ha ha
There aren’t words enough to say thank you for all the time you’ve spent with Saje from pre-school to now. She will never forget those experiences and I really believe that she is the type of learner she is because of youguys. She is open-minded and so eager to explore and ask questions. It’s not always about the right answer. To me, that’s the best kind of learner. From the bottom of our hearts we say thank you,
Tom Craik
Coldstream, BC