Before the building of the church, there was the old green school house on School Street and the Post Office and the store opposite that were operated by Mr Mcleod. They were the centers of social activities. Dances, Concerts, boxing and wrestling matches were held as well as Church services and Sunday school. This was also the terminus of the street railway, which started running in 1911 and was the only access to the District. The population was very sparse, Marine Drive was just a trail, half dozen houses on Capilano Road, a colony around the school, another at Lloyd Avenue with isolated houses scattered between. In April 1914, divinity student Arthur Douglas Pringle began holding religious services inside a little green schoolhouse in North Vancouver. His small congregation was the foundation for what would eventually become Capilano United Church, a North Shore institution that celebrated its 100-year anniversary in April 2014. Initiated by the women in the community the Christian Education Centre opened in 1961, and later became a licensed preschool under the name of Sunflower Preschool. Sunflower Preschool operated as a non- profit preschool under the umbrella of Capilano United Church since then. Over the years, the congregation got smaller and smaller and Capilano United Church faced a hard decision to disband the pastoral charge of the church, made on May the 4th 2014.and in June 2014 Capilano United Church closed its doors. So many years of community projects and so many memories brought the teachers and the parents together in hopes to keep the Preschool Program going. This is the moment when Sunflower Early Learning Society was created and incorporated in July 2014.