You don’t have idea how much I enjoy the emails, they bring us union, love, laughs in the family reading them together and talking about them … C and L were playing today after dinner clues with flashlights, dinosaurs and snakes… and they just loved it… thank you ladies for all your enthusiasm and love that you put in your classroom… C loves going to Sunflower.. Today I was telling a mom that seriously your preschool is the BEST. Thank you for your support and love to the kids… thank you for helping C to communicate better so that’s bring him less frustration and to send him home with a gorgeous smile .. Christmas gift was beautiful and love the meaning.. Thanks for the card … wow 😮 my eyes are on tears! 

Wishing you the best always, 
Daniella  (the mom that is always around asking one million things)

Love it! Love your preschool and you are amazing teachers creating opportunities always to learn 

Thank you SO much for the awesome snowman decoration, poem, Card Project, abc card. We LOVE everything and best of all, W is SUPER proud!
We really appreciate you! Xo 
Misty and Cam

Thank you so much for such a beautiful collection of photos, and a great newsletter. It is lovely going through the pictures with D. His eyes light up when he sees the images, and he is excited to tell us about some of the going ons in his class. You are all talked about very fondly!

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful learning environment for our son. I wish I could come by more often and see the magic in person. D is learning so much, and it’s impressive to see his confidence grow under your care and guidance.

Yours truly,

All three of my children attend or have attended Sunflower Preschool. I have had nothing but positive experiences there from day one. Sunflower has a warm and inviting vibe that makes everyone feel comfortable. The highly capable staff understands children and gives them space to grow, while guiding them in forming social connections and learning to play together.They are also extremely receptive to parent concerns and pro-active where they see any issues arising that may need attention. One of my children has special needs and we were amazed and appreciaive, at the extra time and care that was taken on our behalf. At one point in another of my children’s preschool career I added an extra day per week at a different, much more expensive preschool with newer facilities. My daughter is a January baby and I thought she needed something “more” for her final year of preschool. I withdrew her when I realized that the experiences offered at Sunflower were superior and a fraction of the cost.

Sunflower’s setting is ideal for the education offered there: a large gym to run around in when weather is foul, but a beautiful, magical, north-shore oasis of a playground, that the children use most days. The three rooms are well-equipped with toys and art supplies to encourage imaginative and collaborative play, and creativity. The teachers are expert in allowing children the chance to explore and learn by doing — which all feeds very nicely into the International Baccalaureate primary years program that many of our children will be entering at nearby Capilano Elementary school. I am so pleased that we have this great institution in our neighbourhood. I met a university student on the bus recently, and as we chatted it came out that she was a Sunflower alumna, and still had fond feelings for the place! I am not surprised. I have no hesitation in warmly recommending Sunflower to any new families I meet in the neighbourhood.

Julia, Pemberton Heights mother